Our commercial and industrial painting crews are vastly experienced and well trained in a wide variety of commercial and industrial painting application processes that will protect all of the surfaces you may need coatings applied to.


The look of your exterior building can say a lot about your property and/or companies that do business there. The Exterior Painters specializes in providing companies with exterior transformations on exterior cinder block, cement, concrete, wood or metal/steel walls in your warehouse or large commercial building/facility.


The best way to brighten up a commercial building is to ensure that the ceilings are clean and bright. Painting your ceilings will increase the illumination of your facilities by as much as five times what they were prior to ceiling painting. When you paint the ceilings bright white, the ceiling suddenly becomes a huge reflector of light. A dark and dirty unpainted ceiling offers no reflection at all.


Next to painting the ceiling in your building, painting the walls is the best way to improve the overall appearance of your facility. If you plan to paint the ceiling in your building, it’s a highly economic time to paint the walls as well, because a lot of the cover-up preparation would already be done. Walls being dirty, yellowed, scraped, or the wrong color can negatively impact the appearance of your facility.


Epoxy flooring is fantastic for commercial and industrial use, not only does it look great but it also provides a durable and easy to clean surface to any floor. An unprotected, neglected concrete floor will not only look bad for business but also allows for absorption of pollutants leading to costly repairs. Your floor just might be the most overlooked part of your facility but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.


Whether you are looking for color uniformity of all the machines in your facility, coloring specific production lines, applying safety colors on moving parts so they are more visible, or painting specific machines a certain way, The Exterior Painters can improve the look of your facility and your machinery that will increase the chances of landing that next big contract.


The Exterior Painters installs GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating creating a seamless membrane to seal and repair existing roofs and permanently protect against leaks, permanent ponding water and the damaging effects of severe weather. GacoRoof is available in several colors to enhance the aesthetics of any roof. Ideal for use on flat and sloped roofs including, but not limited to, large and small buildings.