color consultation

We at The Exterior Painters know that the hardest part of deciding to paint your home is not choosing the painting contractor; it is choosing the paint color! So we take the guess work out of it by providing you with a professional Certified Color Consultant!

After you select The Exterior Painters to paint your home, we will send out our Color Consultant, imagine the fun and convenience of having your own personal decorator come to your home. With an eye for detail and elegance she will help you to decide what color best fits your tastes and style.

Our professional color consultant will notice the dominant colors in your neighborhood, she’ll consider your landscaping, brick color, and she’ll be particularly interested in the color of your roof, which most people couldn’t tell you without peeking!

The complementary color consultation with Lori will take about an hour. She will spend most of that time outside with you walking around your home and discussing its characteristics. Lori will offer you several color combination selections that will fit your tastes and enhance your homes beauty.