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Super Premium Exterior Paint

Through a rigorous process of testing and development, PPG PAINTS has formulated an exterior architectural coating with the same automotive grade resins to push the standard of excellence for exterior paint. These are the same resins they use in their automotive finish used on Ferrari’s. If it’s good enough for a $1.5 Million Ferrari, then it’s good enough for me.

The Ferrari below is a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta currently listed for sale in Chicago for $1.5 Million.

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The #1 user of PPG Paints’ Timeless super premium exterior paint in the U.S. since 2007 through 2016.


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PPG’s headquarters located in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PPG Industries is the global coatings leader, recognized and respected throughout the world.

PPG Industries is a over a $15 billion coating manufacturer. Stock trades under: NYSE: PPG for over $90 per share.

From the paint on your house to the finish on your car, PPG is committed to sharing technology advancements from all of the industries we service and to fostering continuous improvement of all PPG brands. The surfaces we coat - and the extent to which we coat them - may suprise you.


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The Exterior Painters is the number one purchaser of PPG’s top-of-the-line exterior paint. We don’t tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you. That’s how committed we are to delivering the best products and services to our clients. That’s how a small company from Michigan can become the biggest purchaser of exterior paint from a $15 billion per year company.


PPG PAINTS has utilized the most advanced technology available to develop the new standard of excellence for exterior paint – Timeless. PPG Paints is so confident in the quality and performance of this product that Timeless is backed by a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling and flaking. The cross linking 100% acrylic resin in the product uses the features found in two-component high performance coatings to form a durable bond in one amazing coat.

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Much like a single thread breaks easily and an intertwined rope withstands much stress, the cross-linked acrylic is far more durable than the conventional acrylic.

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Timeless™ Cross Linked Acrylic
• Extremely durable, long-lasting finish
• Won’t crack, flake or peel
• Superior moisture resistance
• Tannins are trapped in the first layer of paint film
• Breathable paint film allows moisture vapors to transfer out

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Leading Premium Paints Conventional Acrylic
• Shorter service life
• Less protection from elements
• More prone to cracks, flaking and peeling
• Allows tannins to escape and discolor the paint film
• Allows water in to damage the substrate

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Test paints were applied by brush at natural spread rate to a smooth substrate. A topcoat was applied, if required, by brush at natural spread rate. The panels were allowed to dry at laboratory conditions. When dry, the panels were cut, sanded smooth and photographed at 160x magnification.

The extremely high film build of Timeless provides a much thicker layer of paint for a stronger, more durable finish. The result is a better hiding, longer lasting finish that saves time and money on the job.


Adhesion is critical to long lasting protection. A chalky surface is one of the most common and difficult surfaces for a coating to adhere. The cross-linking resin in Timeless allows for exceptional adhesion even on a chalky surface.

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Surfaces often crack and wear with age. Conventional paints are unable to properly fill cracks and other trouble spots. This allows weather to damage the paint film resulting in cracking, peeling and flaking. The high film build of Timeless bridges cracks and other trouble spots creating a smooth, uniform, continuous film. This protects the substrate from the elements giving the coating lasting beauty while reducing labor costs associated with treating trouble spots.


Unsightly mildew and algae can ruin a beautiful finish. Timeless has been formulated with 4-way protection from mildew and algae growth.

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Timeless offers the most exciting technological advancements available in the Super Premium Exterior Paint category. The crosslinking 100% acrylic resin provides a durable bond in one amazing coat. Self-priming, high-film build, bridging of cracks, low temperature application and mildew/algae resistant paint film are just the beginning of this product’s exciting features. Timeless with PPG’s SidingSafe™ Color Technology provides a broad spectrum of color choices for use on aluminum, architectural plastic, composite, fiber cement, vinyl, and wood siding and trim.